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5 projects that make Dubai a futuristic city

Tech progress ensures enhanced quality of life for expats

If there is a record for being the tallest, longest or costliest in the world, the possibility of a Dubai connection in the project can’t be ruled out.

Over the years, Dubai has carved a name for itself for being a futuristic city with its continuous technological development. And these developments ensure smoother life for the residents as Dubai retains its number one ranking for quality of living across MENA, according to Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Living Survey.

We walk you through some of the projects that make Dubai the or futuristic technology.

1.Flying taxis

Traffic is a global issue and while many countries are busy figuring out a local solution, Dubai has already tested the first flying taxi.

dubai-flying taxi

In September this year, the world’s first self-flying taxi service soared over Dubai skies. The maiden test flight was held near the Jumeirah Beach Park and had Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, in attendance.

Travellers can soon book the autonomous air taxi (AAT) through an app and receive booking details and track routes on their fingertips.


Straight out of a sci-fi movie, Dubai has built a Robocop which can detect ‘wanted persons’ using the facial recognition technology. Towering at 170cm and weighing 100kg, the Robot’s count currently stands at one but hundreds will take over the city streets over the next few years.

dubai robocop

The Robocops can come in handy during emergencies as you can press the emergency button in distress and a Dubai Police officer will be at your side within five minutes, assured Major Ahmed Al Haj, head of smart marketing at Dubai Police, to Khaleej Times.

Additionally, the robot can be used to pay fines, apply for police clearance certificates and other e-services.

3.Sending humans to Mars

With the aim of building the first mini-city on Mars, the UAE announced the project Mars 2117 that would help transfer humans to the Red Planet.

dubai-mars 2117

Mars 2117 is a national programme for the next 100 years and aims scientific exploration of the Red Planet, fully operated by Emirati engineers and scientists.

Early this week, at Dubai’s first space event, an experiment on planting vegetable seeds in Martian sand simulant was showcased. The project aims to discover ways to supply a small city on Mars with life, energy and food during its final phase.

The UAE today is among the top nine countries in the world investing in space science

4. Self-driven police cars

One of the reasons expats love living in Dubai is its reputation for being safe. To continue to live up to its reputation, the city keeps outdoing itself.

Apart from humanoid Robocops taking over the city, Dubai Police this year unveiled the world’s first autonomous, miniature police cars.


The surveillance car will help hunt down criminals and undesirables in Dubai. Equipped with drone, it can reach anywhere and automatically guide itself to a charger when on low battery.

5.World’s largest solar power project

Built at a total cost of Dh14.2 billion, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is the largest single-site solar park in the world, based on the IPP model.


It will generate 1,000MW by 2020 and 5,000MW by 2030. The 13MW photovoltaic first phase became operational in 2013. The 200MW photovoltaic second phase of the solar park was launched in March 2017. The 800MW photovoltaic third phase will be operational by 2020, and the first stage of the 700MW CSP fourth phase will be commissioned in Q4 of 2020

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