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7 Signs Your Addicted To Your Phone

There is no doubt that today’s smart phone invasion is dramatically changing our daily lives. Our attachment to it has good and bad effects to our body and mind. From how we think, interact and see the world today. Unfortunately, some of us overuse this technological wonder to some extent. So we gather some alarming signs that you are already “addicted” to your phone.

1. Your Phone is always on You


We assume everyone can relate to this. We all of have that moment when we keep on checking our phone even though your friend or your mom is just in front of you. (You should realize how rude that is!) And sometimes while watching TV, we cannot resist to unlock the screen to scroll on your Facebook feed. So it shows we prefer smaller than bigger screens!

2. “Texting while driving” Habit


Please, if your this type, STOP this habit! We all know how deadly it is to check our phone while on the road. While driving, our full attention should be on it nothing else. Oh, even if you are the busiest guy in the world, do not use this as an excuse because your life is not worth of a single text. Be a responsible driver!

3. Time waster


You pulled out your phone to look up one quick thing, and suddenly you wasted 30 minutes scrolling. Isn’t a waste of your precious time? We suggest to set a timer to limit your time and shift to more productive task of your day.

4. You get hysterical flashing “Red batteries”


We all hate this situation, but unlike you, you feel your life is about to end! Don’t over react, it’s just a phone which needs to be charge.

5. Your phone is the first and last things you see everyday


What an amazing moment to see the sun when you wake up. But instead of checking the sunlight, your screen is your first priority. Leave your phone for a moment, get up and open the window to see the beauty outside.

6. You read on screen than print


Newspapers and books are said to be extinct in the coming years, that might happen if you prefer your phone over them. Give yourself some time to feel the book on your fingertips or smell the newspaper every flip while having your breakfast. These habits might have a benefit for you like a battery saver and a better eyesight!

7. You Read this Article on your Phone!

Woman using phone and drinking coffee.

Reading through an article on your phone likely means one of two things: You could be on the go and had to fill an empty moment with screen time, or you’re sitting around the house and felt like scrolling through your phone be less of a time suck than pulling out your laptop.


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